Mu He, PhD

Associate Specialist

Multi-scale spatial heterogeneity enhances particle clearance in airway ciliary arrays.

Nature Physics

Guillermina R. Ramirez-San Juan, Arnold J. T. M. Mathijssen, Mu He, Lily Jan, Wallace Marshall, Manu Prakash

Chloride channels regulate differentiation and barrier functions of the mammalian airway.


He M, Wu B, Ye W, Le DD, Sinclair AW, Padovano V, Chen Y, Li KX, Sit R, Tan M, Caplan MJ, Neff N, Jan YN, Darmanis S, Jan LY

Cytoplasmic Cl- couples membrane remodeling to epithelial morphogenesis.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

He M, Ye W, Wang WJ, Sison ES, Jan YN, Jan LY

Microtubule Motors Drive Hedgehog Signaling in Primary Cilia.

Trends in cell biology

He M, Agbu S, Anderson KV

The kinesin-4 protein Kif7 regulates mammalian Hedgehog signalling by organizing the cilium tip compartment.

Nature cell biology

He M, Subramanian R, Bangs F, Omelchenko T, Liem KF, Kapoor TM, Anderson KV

Synthesis of IL-6 by hepatocytes is a normal response to common hepatic stimuli.

PloS one

Norris CA, He M, Kang LI, Ding MQ, Radder JE, Haynes MM, Yang Y, Paranjpe S, Bowen WC, Orr A, Michalopoulos GK, Stolz DB, Mars WM

The IFT-A complex regulates Shh signaling through cilia structure and membrane protein trafficking.

The Journal of cell biology

Liem KF, Ashe A, He M, Satir P, Moran J, Beier D, Wicking C, Anderson KV

Scapula development is governed by genetic interactions of Pbx1 with its family members and with Emx2 via their cooperative control of Alx1.

Development (Cambridge, England)

Capellini TD, Vaccari G, Ferretti E, Fantini S, He M, Pellegrini M, Quintana L, Di Giacomo G, Sharpe J, Selleri L, Zappavigna V

Mouse Kif7/Costal2 is a cilia-associated protein that regulates Sonic hedgehog signaling.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Liem KF, He M, Ocbina PJ, Anderson KV