Jan Lab Reunion/Symposium -- August 23 & 24, 2006

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The Symposium

Chair: Tom Schwarz (1983-1989) Harvard Medical School

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Dale Branton  (1981-1988) University of Minnesota - "Genesis"
Chauncey Bowers  (1984-1987) City of Hope -  "Molecular parasites and genetic imprinting"
Constance Royden  (1982-1988) College of the Holy Cross - "The legacy of tko: from mitochondria to hearing and vision"
Bingwei Lu  (1996-2001) Stanford University - "Playing on the course of neurodegeneration: PAR-1"
Blanche Schwappach  (1997-2000) University of Heidelberg, ZMBH - "Shuttling in and out of U-285"


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Alain Ghysen  (1980-1992) UniversitÈ Montpellier 2, France - "32 years with Lily and Yuh-Nung"
Christine Dambly-Chaudiere  (1980-1992) UniversitÈ Montpellier 2 - "Migrating from fly to fish"
Bruce Tempel  (1984-1988) University of Washington, Seattle
Jian Yang  (1994-1996) Columbia University
Bruce Cohen  (19972005) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - "Better living through quantum dots"
Adrian Moore  (19992003) RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan - "Transcription factor mediated control of dendrite arbor ultrastructure"


Chair: Liqun Luo (1992-1996) Stanford University

2:00 PM - 3:15 AM
Diane Papazian  (1984-1989) University of California, Los Angeles - "Potassium channels and neuronal survival during development and aging"
Min Li  (1990-1992) Johns Hopkins Medical School
Ed Giniger  (1988-1993) NINDS, NIH - "Notching up another victim"
Michelle Rhyu  (1989-1994) Cooley Godward, LLP - "Asymmetric distribution of power: defending immigrant rights against the Department of Homeland Security"
Ed Cooper  (1994-2002) University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine - "KCNQ/Kv7/M channels and the evolution of the action potential"
3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
Kevin Lee  (1985-1987) Sentigen Biosciences
Morgan Sheng  (1990-1994) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul Slesinger  (1991-1997) The Salk Institute
Jürgen Knoblich  (1994-1997) Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna - "Proliferation control in Drosophila ovarian stem cells"
Yuh Nung Jan  (1979-) UCSF - "Six degrees of separation: our scientific lineage"



8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Emily Jan  Timbuktu Design
Max Jan  Princeton University
Ehud Isacoff  (1986-1991) University of California, Berkeley
Yi Rao  (1986-1991) Northwestern University
Tom Schwarz  (1983-1989) Harvard Medical School


Chair: Ethan Bier (1986-1990) University of California, San Diego

10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
Ethan Bier  (1986-1990) University of California, San Diego - "Threshold dependent BMP signaling in neural and non-neural ectodermal domains of the Drosophila embryo"
Harald Vaessin  (1987-1992) Ohio State University
Georg Feger  (1991-1995) Serono Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Monica Vetter  (1994-1996) University of Utah - "Becoming neural in the developing retina"
Gaia Tavosanis  (2000-2003) Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology
11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
Rolf Bodmer  (1984-1990) The Burnham Institute
Kim McCall  (1986-1988) Boston University
Tadashi Uemura  (1987-1989) Kyoto University - "Passion of the people for science "
Vivian Siegel  (1989-1994) University of California, San Francisco - "The pain of peer review"
Noa Zerangue  (1997-2000) XenoPort Inc.



Chair: Ehud Isacoff (1983-1992) University of California, Berkeley

2:15 PM - 3:30 PM
Friederike Haass  (2003-) "Happy Birthday variations by Peter Heidrich"**
Michael Caudy (1985-1989) Cornell University
Ming Chan  (1995-2000) Childrenís Hospital Boston - "Neonatal diabetes caused by a gain-of-function mutation in KCNJ11"
Salim Seyfried  (1997-2001) Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany - "Molecular control of heart morphogenesis by cell polarity regulators"
Yu-Fung Lin  (1997-2003) University of California, Davis - "KATP channels in ischemic preconditioning"
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM
Yang Hong  (1999-2005) University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine - "Smashing the gene targeting in fly"
Robin Shaw   (2003-) University of California, San Francisco - "Gap Junction Targeting"
Chay Kuo  (2002-) University of California, San Francisco - "Yuh-Numb: The Dynamic Duo"
Hee Jung Chung (2002-) University of California, San Francisco - "Elegantly choreographed dance potassium channel trafficking"
Lily Jan  (1979-) UCSF - Closing comments

** Quintet: Hee Jung Chung, Shaohua Xiao, Wei Zhou, Peter Soba, Friederike Haass

Over 75 former Jan Lab members and 45 current lab members gathered in honor of Lily and Yuh Nung's upcoming 60th birthdays.

People flew in from as far away as China, Japan, Israel, France, Germany, the UK and Canada.  Along with former students, postdocs there were also several former technicians.

Tom Schwarz, an early lab member, welcomed people and chaired the first session.  

Dale Branton, the first postdoc in the lab, kicked off the symposium with a description of the early history of the lab and its members.

Alain Ghysen spoke about 32 years with Lily and Yuh Nung, beginning at Cal Tech.  The take home lesson: "Have clear ideas about what you want to do and then do something else"

Most of the 40+ speakers, including Bingwei Lu, highlighted some of their current research.

Reunions and new introductions

Lily Jan

Jürgen Knoblich, Yuh Nung Jan, and Dan Doherty

Gaia Tavosanis, Dale Branton, Diane Papazian, and Susan Younger

Helen Lai and Hee Jung Chung

Cheng-Ting Chien and Morgan Sheng

Bingwei Lu and Yuh Nung Jan

Bruce Tempel and Rabiya Tuma


Bing Ye and Wes Grueber

Tom Schwarz and Chauncey Bowers

Cheng-Ting Chien and Hsiu-Hsiang Lee

Yuh Nung Jan, Dan Doherty, Jürgen Knoblich, and
Monica Vetter

Christine Dambly-Chaudierand Rolf Bodmer

Peizhang Xu and Bruce Hay

Bruce Cohen, Ed Cooper, and Fen-Biao Gao

Shaohua Xiao and Evera Wong

Michael Grabe and Noa Zerangue

Sijun Zhu, Yi Zheng, and Sebastian Rumpf

Weimin Zhong, Ehud Isacoff, and Chou-Long Huang

Gaia Tavosanis, Adrian Moore, Salim Seyfried, and Fabrice Roegiers

Michael Caudy, Wes Grueber, Ethan Bier, Yi Zheng, Bruce Hay, Songhai Shi, Yang Xiang,
Michael Kim, and Robin Shaw

Harald Vaessin and Tadashi Uemura

Wei Song, Jill Wildonger, David Young, and Ye Zhang

Kevin Lee, Gabrielle Boulianne, Sandra Barbel, and Bruce Cohen

Kim McCall and Larry Ackermann

Nick Justice, Yee-Ming Chan and Bing Ye

Yuh Nung and Lily Jan

Bruce Cohen and Toral Surti

Michelle Rhyu, David Young, and Bruce Cohen

Shi-Bing Yang, Andy Jarman, and Adrian Moore

Paul Slesinger and Eitan Reuveny

Michael Caudy and Bruce Tempel

Ehud Isacoff

Rebecca Yang, Quan Yuan, and Hsiu-Hsiang Lee

Dan Minor, Blanche Schwappach, and Marta Margeta

Kazuo Emoto and Jay Parrish

Jill Wildonger, Sabina Zimmerman, and Sila Konur

Diane Papazian, Andy Jarman, and Liqun Luo

Fabrice Roegiers and Jay Parrish

Dale Branton, Yu-Fung Lin, and Kimberley Raab-Graham

Families and fun

Su Guo

Jürgen Knoblich

Lily Jan

Kim Raab-Graham and Yan Sun


Su Guo and Lily Jan

Chinese banquet on Saturday night

Yang Hong, Ye Zhang, Yuh Nung Jan, Kimberley Raab-Graham, Lily Jan, Bing Ye, and Weimin Zhong

Simone Eggert, Sijun Zhu, Yi Zheng, Alex Fay, Michael Grabe, Smita Nayak, Wei Song, and Maika Onishi

Kazu Emoto, Sebastian Rumpf, Yang Xiang, Jennifer Rhee, and Michael Kim

Tadashi Uemura, Dan Doherty, Yuh Nung Jan, and Jürgen Knoblich

Lily Jan, Shaohua Xiao, Lani Seto, and Evera Wong

Su Guo, Rebecca Yang, Hsiu-Hsiang Lee, Jill Wildonger, David McCulley, and Hongyan Wang

Ye Zhang, Kimberley Raab-Graham, Bing Ye, Weimin Zhong, and Jian Yang

Taihao Jin, Wei Zhou, Adrian Moore, Hee Jung Chung, and Wes Grueber